Suathaireacht Abhyanga, cad é?

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Suathaireacht Abhyanga, cad é?

Straight from northern India, the Abhyanga massage is a sesame oil massage renowned for its relaxing and energizing properties. What does it consist on ? What are its benefits ? Zoom in on this traditional Ayurvedic practice.

What is Abhyanga massage?

Abhyanga massage comes from Ayurveda, a medicine considered sacred in India for more than 4000 years. There, Ayurveda is a true art of living which aims to reconcile body and mind. In Sanskrit, it means “science of life”. From the age of six, children are encouraged to massage their family members with this technique. In France, Abhyanga massage is perceived as a real tool intended to improve well-being, rest and relaxation. More and more beauty institutes and spas are offering it. The Abhyanga massage is based on the seven energy centers of the body (the chakras), which the practitioner will rebalance by stimulating the paths of energy in order to allow the latter to circulate freely throughout the body. The masseur performs pressure, friction but also stretching at a moderate pace, alternating slow and faster maneuvers. As a result, physical and emotional well-being are restored.

Who is the Abhyanga massage for?

Everybody. It is especially recommended for nervous people, suffering from stress, fatigue and having trouble managing their emotions.

Abhyanga massage also works wonders on:

  • concentration ;
  • the sleep ;
  • an díleá;
  • the Depression.

Physiologically, it helps promote:

  • sreabhadh fola;
  • breathing;
  • relaxation of the joints;
  • muscle relaxation.
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In short, the Abhyanga massage offers deep relaxation and a real journey of the senses.

What oils for an Abhyanga massage?

If sesame oil is the base oil that is used for Abhyanga massage, essential oils are associated with it depending on the desired benefits. For example, lavender and orange are favored for their softening and soothing properties. Lemon and ginger are favored for their draining action. Geranium is known for its decongestant properties. The oil is always heated, so as to be lukewarm, and is distributed in large quantities over the whole body. From the scalp to the toes, each area of ​​the body is massaged to release all its tensions. A unique sensory experience that allows real harmony between body and mind.

Sonraí praiticiúla

Abhyanga massage should preferably be performed in the morning in order to eliminate toxins accumulated during the night. According to tradition, the massage is done with sesame oil, renowned for its moisturizing and antioxidant properties. To purify it, it is recommended to heat it to 100 degrees and then let it cool before using it. This step is very important to avoid any risk of burns!

Both dynamic and enveloping, Ayurvedic massage is characterized by an alternation between gentle movements and more rhythmic maneuvers. The former make it possible to identify tensions, while the latter resolve them. Of course, these movements can be adapted according to the needs and sensitivities of each one. Beyond its preventive virtues, abhyanga massage helps restore energy and distribute it better throughout the body.

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