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Acrocyanosis is a vascular disease affecting the extremities. The tips of the fingers and feet take on a purple color (cyanosis), in response to cold or stress. This mild disease can be annoying on a daily basis.

Acrocyanosis, what is it?


Acrocyanosis is a vascular pathology characterized by blue staining of the fingers, and more rarely of the feet. This condition belongs to acrosyndromas, along with Raynaud’s syndrome and hyperhydrosis.


In subjects with acrocyanosis, the mechanisms of retraction and dilation of the arteries of the arms and legs, which must activate according to the blood flow, function poorly. 


The caregiver diagnoses based on the presence of symptoms limited to the hands and feet. Also, the pulse is normal while the appearance of the extremities remains cyanotic.

If the physical examination reveals other symptoms, the doctor will order a blood test to rule out other pathologies. 

If the extremities take on a white color, it is more of Raynaud’s syndrome.

Acrocyanosis can be associated with other acrosyndromas such as Raynaud’s syndrome or hyperhidrosis.

Fachtóirí riosca

  • tanaí
  • an tobac
  • certain side effects of vasoconstrictor drugs or treatments (oral beta-blockers or cold treatment, for example)
  • exposure to cold
  • an strus
  • family context of acrocyanosis

Na daoine lena mbaineann 

People with acrocyanosis are often women, young, thin or even anorexic and whose symptoms appear in early adulthood. Smokers are also a population at risk.

Symptoms of acrocyanosis

Acrocyanosis is characterized by extremities:

Ore Níos mó ar an ábhar:  Dysorthography
  • fuar
  • cyanotic (purple in color)
  • sweaty (sometimes associated with excessive sweating)
  • teannta 
  • painless at room temperature

In its most common form, acrocyanosis affects only the fingers, more rarely the toes, nose and ears.

Treatments for acrocyanosis

Acrocyanosis is a mild disease, so it is not necessary to prescribe drug therapy. However, solutions can be considered:

  • L’ionophorèse which consists of keeping the hands under an electric current carried by a tap has shown good results, especially when acrocyanosis is associated with hyperhidrosis.
  • If acrocyanosis is associated with anorexic eating disorder, it will be necessary to treat this disorder and ensure to maintain an optimal weight.
  • A moisturizer or Merlen lotion can be applied to the extremities to relieve and prevent possible sores.

Prevent acrocyanosis

In order to prevent acrocyanosis, the patient should take care to:

  • maintain optimal weight
  • stop a chaitheamh tobac
  • protect yourself from cold and humidity, especially in winter or when wounds form (wearing gloves, wide and warm shoes, etc.)

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