All about coitus

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All about coitus

At the origin of the definition, coitus designates the sexual intercourse which leads to procreation. Over time, the term has spread to other senses: coitus is now referred to in reference to any sexual act, reproductive or not, leading or not to sexual pleasure, between 2 people of the different sex or of the same sex. . Homosexual or heterosexual, carnal intercourse constitutes coitus when there is penetration by or into a genital organ.

Definition of coitus

The sexual relationship between several individuals, regardless of number and gender, generally includes several phases:

  1. A phase of approach, assimilated to seduction. This is when partners signify their mutual desire to achieve carnal union.
  2. The preliminaries, all forms combined. Caresses, dirty talk, erotic games, masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus… During this characteristic 2nd phase, the partners physically excite each other to promote lubrication, and thus penetration.

These first 2 phases do not always take place during sex. The quickie, for example, is about getting straight to the point.

Last step: penetration. It is this phase which concretizes the expectations of the lovers, to lead to sexual enjoyment or to procreate. This stage, which ends or not with an orgasm, ejaculation or insemination, marks coitus. In any event, during intercourse, only coitus can cause a woman to become pregnant – while foreplay can lead to ejaculation and orgasm.

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Vaginal, anal or multiple coitus: derivatives of the term

While the term designated by definition a man / woman relationship intended to procreate, coitus is nowadays used all kinds of penetration included, especially since homosexual relations are accepted in the mores in the same way as heterosexual relations.

A coitus requires the intervention of a sexual organ and at least 2 individuals

Because penetration is the prerequisite for coitus, the act cannot be done without a sexual organ. Likewise, it is necessary that the action of one person be carried out on another person.

  • Foreplay does not constitute coitus. Without penetration, no coitus. Touching and naughty words, preliminary to intercourse, do not fall within the definition.
  • Masturbation excluded from the definition of coitus. The solitary act is also not part of the definition of coitus.

Male female or male male coitus: anal intercourse counts

Over the decades, homosexual relations and the practice of sodomy have become more democratic. In this context, sexual relations based on the insertion of the penis of one partner into the anus of the other – male or female – have been included in the definition of coitus in the same way as vaginal penetration.

Multiple coitus: when morals are freed

Likewise, sexual mores have evolved towards more freedom – even debauchery – and taboos have gradually disappeared. This is why multiple coitus, involving more than 2 partners, is now accepted.

Coitus, instructions for use

At the time of coitus, the man’s penis fits into the woman’s vagina. Note: it is important for this that the lubrication of the genitals is sufficient, hence the interest of foreplay to stimulate excitement; lovers can also use lubricants intended for this purpose.

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Once the penetration is carried out, the man and the woman make sure to operate a back and forth movement of the penis inside the vagina. Rubbing against the vaginal walls stimulates male pleasure. The back and forth movement, in addition, promotes the search for the G-spot of the woman to lead her to orgasm.

Coitus for sexual pleasure

The sexual intercourse consumed for the sole purpose of enjoying necessarily implies penetration and then back and forth at the appropriate pace. The partners can vary the pace as well as the orientation of the movement – lateral or rectilinear – and the intensity of the penetration, until they find the greatest pleasure.

Coitus for procreation

When the act is intended for reproduction, it is also necessary to stimulate human pleasure. His ejaculation indeed conditions insemination.



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