Pian Mian

Clár ábhair

Pian Mian

Úsáidí teiripeacha traidisiúnta

Príomhthásca: temporary insomnia.

I bhfuinneamh na Síne, this formula is used to calm the Spirit and clarify the heat of the Heart and the Liver.

Comharthaí gaolmhara : insomnia with restlessness, disturbing or profuse dreams, anxiety, reduced memory, irritability.


4 tablets, three times a day or as directed by the manufacturer.


This product, ideal for temporary insomnia, has the advantage of being able to be used by everyone. The ingredients that compose it come under the category of plants that nourish the Heart and calm the Spirit. “An Mian Pian” works gently with no unwanted effects. It may be necessary to take it for a week to regain sleep. If insomnia persists continuously for two weeks, see a doctor and a traditional Chinese medicine therapist. Insomnia can be one of the manifestations of another disease.


  • Contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol.
  • Coinnigh as do leanaí.


Ainm i bioráin ceann

Ainm cógaisíochta

Gníomhartha teiripeacha

Suan Zao Ren 

Semen ziziphi spinosae (graines de jujube)

Nourishes the Heart and the Liver, Calms the Spirit 

Yuan Zhi 

Radix polygalae tenuifoliae (root of polygale or Chinese seneca)


Calms the Mind and Eliminates Moisture 

Fu Ling 

Sclerotium poriae cocos (fungas filiméid)


Drains Moisture, Tones the Spleen, Calms the Spirit 

Zhi Zi 

Gardeniae jasminoides fruit (fruit du Gardens)


Draenálann Teas agus Taise ón ae agus ón Gallbladder 

Ae Ard 

Radix glycyrrhizae uralensis (licorice root)

Comhchuibhíonn gníomh plandaí eile 

Shen Qu 

Fermented medicated mass (yeast)

Cuireann díleá chun cinn agus comhchuibhíonn sé an boilg 

Hua Shi 

Talcum (talc)

Eliminates Heat and Moisture through the urinary tract 


(red dye, formerly derived from cochineal)


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Ar na seilfeanna

Cé nach gcomhlíonann sé caighdeáin déantúsaíochta anRiarachán Earraí Teiripeach na hAstráile, the following product has been analyzed to show that it does not contain pesticides, contaminants or synthetic drugs. Health Canada has assigned a DIN (Drug Identification Number) to the following product, which certifies that it is free of contaminants, that it does not contain synthetic drugs and that the Traditional Chinese Pharmacopoeia recognizes its effectiveness for the uses described here.

  • Anmien Pien. Manufactured by Hebei Medicines & Health Products Import and Export Corporation, Hebei, China.

Available in Chinese herbalists, many natural health product stores, as well as distributors of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine supplies.

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