Brain tumor – Our doctor’s opinion

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Brain tumor – Our doctor’s opinion

Mar chuid dá chur chuige cáilíochta, tugann Passeportsanté.net cuireadh duit tuairim ghairmí sláinte a fháil amach. Dr Daniel Gloaguen gives you his opinion on the brain tumor:

The advent of new treatment techniques, such as radiosurgery, stereotaxic surgery and the introduction of chemotherapeutic agents directly into the brain has greatly improved the prognosis of brain tumors and the quality of life and survival of people with this cancer. .

Lance Armstrong who suffered from several brain metastases from testicular cancer in the early 1990s has yet won the Tour de France 7 times after his operation and chemotherapy. Only a year later, he won his first Tour de France. Even if we are not all capable of winning the Tour de France, this example makes us optimistic, especially since since then, treatments have further improved significantly.


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