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Modh scaoilte pláta cíche

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La Modh scaoilte pláta cíche, mar aon le cineálacha cur chuige éagsúla eile, is cuid den oideachas sómach é. Cuireann an bhileog oideachais Sómach tábla achomair i láthair lena gceadaítear comparáid a dhéanamh idir na príomhchur chuige.

Is féidir leat dul i gcomhairle leis an mbileog Síciteiripe freisin. Gheobhaidh tú forbhreathnú ansin ar an iliomad cur chuige síciteiripeach - lena n-áirítear treoirchlár chun cabhrú leat na cinn is oiriúnaí a roghnú - chomh maith le plé ar na tosca a bhaineann le teiripe rathúil.


La Breastplate Release Method (MLC) is a kind of “bodily psychoanalysis”. She uses mental imagery and movements inspired by anti-gymnastics to become aware of teannas stored in the body, called breastplates, and free from it to regain a sense of well-being. The breastplate is defined as an armor, both physical and psychic, which has been built over the years unconsciously through inhibition. For example, from early childhood many boys learned, or concluded, that it was wrong to cry. As adults, they will often have difficulty expressing their emotions. Gradually, the breastplates would settle deeper and deeper into the muscle layers, storing with them the emotions and repressed thoughts.

The Breastplate Release Method is based on the notion that this muscle and cell memory encompasses the entire history of the person, as much his physical and energetic experience as psychic. The process requires surrender and being sensitive to all the sensations that arise. It aims initially to release tension, but also to improve circulation (lymph, blood, breathing and vital energy), reduce pain and develop flexibility and muscle strength. It would also promote creativity and develop confidence and self-esteem.

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Awakening consciousness through movement

La Modh scaoilte pláta cíche offers a 3-step path. First, the awareness of muscle armor through body work. Next, the analysis of negative emotions and thought patterns. Finally, the integration of knowledge aimed at uprooting limiting beliefs and imagining, through visualization, situations that provide well-being and pleasure.

Before undertaking a method of releasing the breastplates, the participant meets with the worker in an individual session to determine if the approach meets his needs, and to assess his riocht fisiciúil. Most of the movements that make up the sessions are practiced on the floor in a precise order: movements of opening, stretching, then unification.

Sochair working instruments, which look like toys, help penetrate and release muscle breastplates. These are balls and sticks, of different sizes and consistencies, that are used during opening work to break the breastplate. Hard balls massage specific points, foam balls massage the fascia, and sticks are preferred for long muscles in the body. Each session ends with a non-compulsory sharing time where participants can share their experience.

From the Whole Body Approach to MLC

La MLC Bhí cruthaithe ag Marie Lise Labonte. A speech therapist by training, in the early 1980s she designed the Global Approach to the Body. She was inspired by the various techniques she experienced to heal herself from rheumatoid arthritis, in particular the anti-gymnastics Thérèse Bertherat, rolfing and the Mézières method. Other approaches have also influenced her, notably the fasciatherapy of Christian Carini, the mental imagery technique of Dr.r Simonton, specialist in oncology, as well as techniques of thought affirmation, meditation and rebirth. After having trained around forty workers in Global approach to the body and put her technique to the test, she turned to psychotherapy, which led her to create the Breastplate Release Method, which came into being in 1999. Her breastplate theory is based on the work by Wilhem Reich1 (1897-1957), Austrian doctor and psychoanalyst, considered to be the pioneer of body psychotherapy (see the Neo-Reichian massage sheet).

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Breastplate Release Method – Therapeutic Applications

To our knowledge, no scientific research has evaluated the therapeutic effects of the Breastplate Release Method. This technique is mainly intended for people who wish to undertake a personal growth process trí psycho-body approach. It could have a beneficial effect on overall health and on various types of physical or psychological disorders by leading the individual to discover a new way of interacting with his body and to integrate the multiple dimensions of his being. This method could also help reduce stress.

Breastplate Release Method – In Practice

La Modh scaoilte pláta cíche can be practiced individually or in groups, as part of seminars, intensive courses or organized trips. Many themes can be discussed: beliefs, parental armor, being born to oneself, etc. Activities take place in Quebec and Central Europe. To get started with the approach, you can consult the works of Marie Lise Labonté or attend conferences.

It is recommended that people with musculoskeletal disorders inform the caregiver beforehand so that he or she adapts the movements accordingly.


In Quebec, the practitioners in the method of liberation of breastplates are grouped within the Association MLC Quebec2. Elsewhere in the world, various associations bring together practitioners (see the official website of the MLC).


Training in method of liberation of breastplates

The training is offered in several countries and includes supervised courses and internships (see the MLC website).


Breastplate Release Method – Books, etc.

Labonté Marie Lise. Bodily awakening movements – Born to one’s body, Method of releasing the breastplates, Éditions de l'Homme, Ceanada, 2005.

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The book includes a DVD that allows you to practice the MLC movements yourself.

Labonté Marie Lise. At the heart of our body: freeing ourselves from our breastplates, Éditions de l'Homme, Ceanada, 2000.


The author presents the theoretical and practical foundations of her method, while commenting on the journey of eight individuals who have undertaken this process.

Labonté Marie Lise. Healing yourself differently is possible: how I conquered my illness, Éditions de l'Homme, Ceanada, 2001.

Through autobiographical testimonies, Marie Lise Labonté presents the techniques she has experimented with to heal herself from rheumatoid arthritis and develop the Breastplate Release Method. (New edition of the original book published in 1986.)

See also other books, DVDs and CDs on the MLC website.

Breastplate Release Method – Sites of Interest

Modh scaoilte pláta cíche

The official MLC website presents the method, some exercises and contains lists of practitioners.

MLC Quebec Association

Grouping of practitioners. Information on the method, training, list of practitioners.

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