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Being a homebody can interfere with social relationships. How to be less homey and get out of the house more? 

Homebody, what is it?

A homebody is a person who prefers to stay at home, who favors a sedentary lifestyle. 

Being a homebody is not always well regarded in society. Homeowners are sometimes referred to as home residents. Some people find it difficult to understand why others feel good at home and have little need to go out. They may consider them as social.

However, homebody should not be confused with solitary or asocial: homebody likes to see people, but ideally at home. 

Why is a person a homebody?

Several reasons are advanced by psychiatrists to explain that people are home-stays: they may have the family habit of hosting a lot at home; they may have been insecure in their childhood by their parents and their home is a safe place; they are self-sufficient and do not need to have an external look all the time on them to feel that they exist. 

How to be less homey?

If your partner is worried about being a homebody (he or she feels the need to go out more than you do), you can try to change.

For this, the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Alberto Eiguet suggests opening up gradually: to do this, see people who are geographically close more often, then widen your circle, by investing in an association for example. 

Psychopractor Laurie Hawkes suggests that you think about the pleasure brought by an outing: vibrate during a trip to the museum, make beautiful encounters while going for a drink with friends. This specialist also advises you to find the driving force within you to go out and not to do it to please your loved ones. She offers you an exercise: imagine splitting yourself up and having a dialogue with yourself: “Come on, let’s go out. There is a film which has very good reviews ”.

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Sometimes, having an outing ritual, once a week for example, can make you want to go out. For example, try going to a restaurant once a week. 

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