Nollag: 7 smaoineamh bronntanais déanta sa Fhrainc le tairiscint

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Nollag: 7 smaoineamh bronntanais déanta sa Fhrainc le tairiscint

Nollag: 7 smaoineamh bronntanais déanta sa Fhrainc le tairiscint
This year, more than ever, our local artisans and traders need all of our support. Discover our selection of 100% Made in France gifts to offer to your loved ones for an eco-responsible Christmas that rhymes with cocorico!

A flax seed heating pad

Back pain, joint and muscle pain, abdominal cramps or painful periods… The heating pad is the best ally against everyday pain. Filled with linen, they can be heated in the microwave and provide a feeling of intense relaxation. Under the effect of heat, blood circulation improves, causing the muscles to relax. More ecological and economical than the anti-pain heating patches that can be found in pharmacies, the La Makinelin cushion is healthy and 100% natural. Made in Fontenay-sous-Bois, in the Paris region, it is available in different sizes and adapts to all body types. The person to whom you offer it will not be able to do without it!

Advised sale price : 60 €

Washable intimate protections

This is the gift that will please a woman in the midst of a “zero waste” approach. Those of the Plim brand are in organic cotton, created and made in France at 100%. They are available in many colors, each prettier than the next, and are adapted to all your needs (vaginal discharge, periods, incontinence, maternity…). Absorbent and breathable, they cause no leaks or odors. 

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Advised sale price : ó 12 €

A mug that transforms 

Is one of your loved ones a fan of candles? This year, surprise him by offering him a candle that is out of the ordinary! The French brand ByTiline designs scented candles from 100% natural ingredients, poured into hand-decorated porcelain jars. Once the wax is consumed, the pot is reusable! As a cup, a pot holder, a ramekin or even a piggy bank… Everyone is free to give their candle a second life!

Advised sale price : ó 25 €

A machine for making coffee capsules

This is the perfect gift for your dad, uncle or brother-in-law who drinks coffee all day long! Because coffee capsules represent a real ecological disaster, the Idocaps brand has developed Idocaper, which makes 12 capsules in just 3 minutes. Beyond the creative side which may amuse coffee lovers, Idocaps capsules are degradable in 6 weeks. Made from corn and wheat starch, they contain no chemical ingredients and are a great alternative to classic capsules. 

Advised sale price : ó 69,90 €

Konjac sponge 

Swap your makeup removing discs and your used washcloth for a Konjac sponge. 100% natural and biodegradable, it gently exfoliates the skin and deeply cleanses it. Before the first use, the sponge is hard, you just have to run it under water for a few minutes and then wring it out. All you have to do is make small circular movements to exfoliate your skin and get rid of its dead cells. Good news, it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive!

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Advised sale price : 6,70 €

A stainless steel water bottle 100% Made in France

Zeste is the first stainless steel bottle made in France: in Brittany for the stopper and in Normandy for the bottle. Designed by two French designers, it does not alter the taste of drinks and is dishwasher safe. The cap is available in different colors to suit everyone’s tastes. 


Advised sale price : 35 €

A tree to participate in forest renewal

What if you offered a tree firmly rooted in a French forest to one of your loved ones? This concept imagined by the Breton start-up EcoTree saves forests and should appeal to someone who is constantly looking to make new investments. The expected return is 2% per year. Enough to reconcile sustainable development and profitability! A lasting, original and beautiful gift. 


Advised sale price : ó 18 €

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