Clár ábhair

Cur chuige comhlántach maidir le ginmhilleadh

Many natural foods are used all over the world, especially where access to abortion is prohibited or difficult, to terminate pregnancies. None of these foods has really been the subject of scientific studies to prove its effectiveness and safety. THE’Nimhiú or the serious side effects associated with the use of these unlicensed abortion substances are frequent and potentially serious.


A multitude of plants

Staidéar le déanaí20 liostaithe 577 species of plants belonging to 122 families, traditionally used to “regulate fertility” in women. Among these plants, 298 have abortive properties (42%), 188 contraceptive effects (31%), 149 are emmenagogues (24%), that is, they stimulate blood flow in the pelvic region and uterus and influence menstruation, and 17 are considered sterilizing. Some of these plants are undoubtedly effective, but their use has not been the subject of large-scale scientific studies.

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