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Constipation - Tuairim ár ndochtúir

Mar chuid dá chur chuige cáilíochta, tugann Passeportsanté.net cuireadh duit tuairim ghairmí sláinte a fháil amach. Tugann an Dr Jacques Allard, liachleachtóir ginearálta, a thuairim duit ar an Constipation :

Constipation is a very common problem. Most of the time, it is functional, ie it is not caused by any disease but rather by poor eating habits, physical inactivity, stress or the presence of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

However, if you are suffering from constipation and this problem is new to you, do not hesitate to see your doctor. Colon cancer can sometimes present itself this way, but other conditions can also be the cause (endocrine problem such as diabetes or hypothyroidism, a neurological problem or simply taking a new drug). Likewise, if other symptoms accompany constipation (blood in the stool, weight loss, abdominal pain, decreased stool size), see your doctor.

An Dr Jacques Allard MD FCMFC 


Constipation – Our doctor’s opinion: understand everything in 2 min

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