Tá buntáistí ag baint le gach gníomhaíocht!

Clár ábhair

Tá buntáistí ag baint le gach gníomhaíocht!

Tá buntáistí ag baint le gach gníomhaíocht!

What sport for back pain?

Considered “the evil of the century”, the pian ar ais does not constitute a contraindication to the practice of a physical activity. On the contrary, as long as you choose your sport well!

Here are the most recommended sports for back pain:

  • La snámha is a sport very recommended in the event of back problems, because one does not carry its weight, that there is no risk of falls, shocks and no impacts.
  • Le Qi Qong combines breathing exercises and slow movements.
  • La Nordic’s walk consists of an accelerated walk that is practiced with poles that allow you to stand up straight.
  • Le Yoga helps to stretch the spine, relieve tension and acquire good posture. Some yoga postures are not recommended in case of back pain, it is better to warn the teacher at the start of the class who will give you alternatives.
  • Le Tai Chi, like Qi Gong and yoga, allows for gentle stretching, relaxation and breathing.

What sport in case of sleep problems?

Regular physical activity is beneficial for people with trioblóidí codlata, but not all of them should be done at the end of the day. Indeed, intense physical activities will stimulate us and give us energy, which can affect the quality of sleep.

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In case of sleep problems, we can therefore practice all types of intense activities from morning to late afternoon, preferably outdoors, as exposure to daylight as much as possible during the day promotes sleep.

Tráthnóna on the other hand, it is better favor soft activities like walking, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong or swimming.

What sport for joint pain?

Very many people suffer from pian comhpháirteach, and at any age.

When these pains appear, it is imperative to adapt their physical activity so that they do not worsen. It should beavoid “impact” sports, traumatic to the joints, such as basketball, football or running. If the pain occurs in the wrist or elbow, racquet sports should be avoided.

Prefer activities such as rothar, Yoga, Pilates snámha and other aquatic activities.

What sport in the event of a heart problem?

Contrary to what one might think, in most cases, people with galar cairdiach or who have had a heart problem can and even should play sports, as long as it is low to moderate intensity.

However, it is best to ask your cardiologist for advice before embarking on the practice of a sport.

In general, low to moderate intensity endurance sports are recommended, such as snámha, jogging or rothar, combined with a healthy diet, low in cholesterol.

What sport in case of stress and anxiety?

Sport is activity Frith-strus par excellence, because when you practice a sport, you release endorphins, soothing hormones. But some sports work better than others at relieving stress and relieving anxiety.

Without surprise, Qi Gong, yoga and Tai Chi are highly recommended in cases of stress and anxiety. The mix of physical exercise, meditation, breathing and relaxation that they offer make them the perfect activities to relax.

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Water is also a great stress reliever, which makes swimming and all kinds of gníomhaíochtaí uisce (aquabiking, aquajump, aquagym, aquajogging…) sports highly recommended for people suffering from stress or anxiety.

Finally, more intense activities, and preferably outdoors, like running or hiking, will help evacuate stress in a positive way and clear your head.



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