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Extroverts are opposed to introverts. Their main character traits are to draw their energy from contact with others and to be expressive. Their faults, including the fact of not being very attentive, can annoy introverts in particular. 

What does it mean to be an extrovert?

It was the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Yung who described two character traits: introversion, and extraversion. Introverts have inward-facing energy (their emotions and feelings) and extroverts have outward-facing energy (people, facts, objects). The adjective extrovert refers to any person characterized by extroversion (attitude of a person who easily establishes contact with others and willingly expresses emotions). 

The main characteristics of extroverts

An extrovert is spontaneous, communicative, curious, active, constructive … An introvert is thoughtful, analytical, deep, critical, far-sighted, sensitive …

Extroverts are naturally more active, expressive, enthusiastic, sociable than introverts who are reserved, discreet to them. They make contact easily. In a room full of people, they will talk to a lot of people about superficial things. They easily express their feelings. 

Outgoing people enjoy participating in group activities, such as parties. It is in contact with others that they draw their energy (while introverted people draw their energy from thought, loneliness or with only a few relatives). 

They quickly tire of a subject and like to discover and practice lots of activities. 

The faults of extroverts

Extroverted people have flaws that can irritate those who are not extroverts. 

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Extroverted people tend to talk too much and listen to others little. They can do things or say things without thinking and thus be hurtful. 

They may lack perspective on themselves and tend to be superficial.

How good to get along with extroverted people?

If you live with or an extrovert, know that in order for him or her to be happy, your spouse needs to be surrounded, to spend time with friends or even strangers, that he or she He needs social activities to make him feel fit and energized, and being alone can take a lot of energy.

To communicate with extroverted people, 

  • Give them lots of signs of recognition and attention (they need to be listened to and recognized)
  • Appreciate their ability to initiate activities and conversations
  • Don’t interrupt them when speaking, so they can solve problems and clarify their ideas
  • Go out and do things with them
  • Respect their need to be with their other friends

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