Dírigh ar 8 blátholaí soothing

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Dírigh ar 8 blátholaí soothing

Dírigh ar 8 blátholaí soothing
In case of stress, emotional shock, even depression, the use of essential oils can be life saving. The power of their fragrance helps relieve many ailments. Discover the properties of 5 soothing essential oils and their use.

The essential oil of true lavender has anxiolytic properties

What are the properties of true lavender essential oil?

The essential oil of true lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is known to calm the nervous system and is often recommended for relieving stress or anxiety. A systematic review of several studies published in 20121 confirmed the therapeutic effects of lavender essential oil on stress and anxiety. A study carried out in 2007 on gerbils2 even showed that olfactory exposure to the essential oil of true lavender had soothing effects equivalent to those of diazepam, a drug from the benzodiazepine family with anxiolytic properties. Its soothing and relaxing properties make it also effective in treating insomnia problems3.

How to use true lavender essential oil?

In cases of stress and anxiety, the essential oil of true lavender is mainly used in inhalation: 2 to 4 drops in a diffuser, or, failing that, suck the vapors from a large bowl of boiling water with the addition of of a few drops of essential oil. Repeat inhalations several times a day.


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