Ionfhabhtú giosta giniúna: cad iad na tosca géaracha?

Clár ábhair

Ionfhabhtú giosta giniúna: cad iad na tosca géaracha?

Most of the time, genital yeast infections are caused by a microscopic fungus called Candida albicans. It is found in many individuals in the vaginal and digestive flora, but it only becomes harmful to the body when the immune system is activated. These 10 factors can make the situation worse.

Too much stress promotes yeast infection

The state of stress, whether physical (fatigue) or psychic (intellectual overwork), can promote the appearance of genital yeast infection. It would lead to the increased production of beta-endorphins, which aggravate local immune disorders and promote filamentation of the fungus. The appearance of symptoms can in turn lead to stress, which constitutes a veritable vicious circle.1.




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