My child has a stomach ache

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My child has a stomach ache

“I have a stomach ache…” On the charts of the symptoms most frequently encountered by children, this one probably arrives on the podium, just behind fever. It is a cause of school absenteeism, and a frequent reason for visiting the emergency room, because parents are often destitute. In the majority of cases, it is completely benign. But sometimes it can hide something more serious, a real emergency. At the slightest doubt, there is therefore only one reflex to have: consult.

What is stomach ache?

“Belly = all the viscera, internal organs of the abdomen, and in particular the stomach, intestine and internal genitalia”, details Larousse, on

What are the causes of stomach ache in children?

There are different causes that can be the cause of your child’s stomach ache:

  • digestion problems;
  • appendicitis attack;
  • fliú boilg;
  • pyelonephritis ;
  • gastroesophageal reflux ;
  • constipation;
  • imní;
  • food poisoning ;
  • urinary tract infection;
  • etc.

The causes of stomach ache are countless. To list them all would be like making a Prévert-style inventory, so many are they eclectic.

Cad iad na hairíonna?

Abdominal pain can be acute (when it does not last long) or chronic (when it lasts too long, or comes back at regular intervals). “Abdominal pain can result in cramps, burns, throbbing, twisting, etc. », Specifies the Health Insurance on “Depending on the case, the pain can be progressive or sudden, short or long, mild or intense, localized or spread to the entire abdomen, isolated or associated with other symptoms. “

Conas a dhéantar an diagnóis?

It is based first of all on the clinical examination and the description of the symptoms associated with the stomach ache by the small patient and his parents. The doctor can then, if necessary, carry out additional examinations:

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  • blood and urine analysis;
  • x-ray of the abdomen;
  • cytobacterioligical urine exam ;
  • ultrafhuaime;
  • etc.

If necessary, the general practitioner or the pediatrician can refer you to a gastroenterologist, the digestive system specialist.

How to react if my child has a stomach ache?

“In case of acute stomach aches, avoid feeding your child for a few hours,” advises the medical dictionary Vidal, on

“Give him hot drinks like herbal teas, unless the symptoms suggest an acute attack of appendicitis. »She can be given paracetamol to tame the pain, not exceeding the maximum recommended dose. Let him rest, lying comfortably on the sofa or in his bed. You can also lightly massage the painful area, or put a lukewarm hot water bottle on her stomach. Above all, watch him to see how the situation develops. Before deciding whether or not to consult, observe him and listen to his complaint. Ask where exactly it hurts, for how long, etc.

Cathain chun dul i gcomhairle?

“If the pain is brutal like a stab, if it follows trauma (a fall, for example), fever, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, blood in the urine or stool, or if the child is very pale or has a cold sweat, contact 15 or 112 ”, advises

In the case of appendicitis, feared by all parents, the pain usually starts from the navel, and radiates to the lower right of the belly. It is constant, and is only increasing. If your loulou has these symptoms, consult urgently. A word of advice: do not give him enough time to see the doctor, because if he has appendicitis, the operation will have to be done on an empty stomach. Another emergency is acute intussusception. A piece of intestine turns on itself. The pain is intense. We have to go to the emergency room.

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Cén chóireáil?

We treat the cause, which will, in turn, disappear its symptoms, and therefore, the stomach ache. Appendicitis, for example, must be operated very quickly to remove the appendix and clean the abdominal cavity.

Bíodh stíl mhaireachtála shláintiúil agat

A healthy lifestyle – a varied and balanced diet, and physical activity every day – will get rid of certain stomach aches. If your child is often constipated, have him drink water regularly and put foods high in fiber (fruits, vegetables, etc.) on the menu.


In case of urinary tract infection

Antibiotic treatment will help overcome a urinary tract infection.

In case of gastroenteritis

In the event of gastroenteritis, it is above all necessary to ensure that loulou does not become dehydrated. Give him oral rehydration fluids (ORS), bought at a drugstore, at short intervals.

In case of celiac disease

If her stomach ache is caused by celiac disease, she will need to adopt a gluten-free diet.


In case of stress

If you think stress is the cause of her recurring stomach aches, you have to start by finding the cause (problems at school, or the parents’ divorce, for example) and see how you can help her. . If his stomach ache is caused by an upset, start by getting him to talk. Putting words on what is bothering him, helping him to exteriorize, may be enough to relax him. Even if the origin is psychological, stomach aches are very real. They should therefore not be ignored. Relaxation, hypnosis, massages, even cognitive behavioral therapy can help him take a step back, to be more relaxed.

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