Tráthnóna dána: conas dúil a athbheochan?

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Tráthnóna dána: conas dúil a athbheochan?

Devote yourself to sharing pleasure during a night exclusively dedicated to sex, the naughty evening is good. A way to vary the pleasures, a way to celebrate a special occasion or a need to experience a moment of pure sexual pleasure, all the reasons are good. Here are some ideas for naughty parties guaranteed to be successful.

A naughty evening, to focus on pleasure

A naughty evening is a moment chosen by the partners and during which they focus only on mutual sexual pleasure. For the couple tested by time as much as for the young lovers, this evening dedicated to the sex can prove to be beneficial to all.

Rekindle the flame to consolidate the couple

Over time, the mutual sexual desire of life partners tends to decrease. The daily routine weighs on the couple and the sexual rituals tirelessly rehashed no longer provoke as much excitement as when they first began. Without desire, lovers no longer engage in sexual intercourse, and when sexuality falters the couple can quickly find themselves in danger. In this context, it can be very opportune to resort to a naughty evening to upset habits and relaunch desire, to achieve sexual pleasure and renew romantic ties.

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Hot evenings at the start of a relationship

Because the first moments of a relationship are an opportunity for the couple to express their romantic feelings towards each other, but also to explore the sexuality of two, it is common to organize moments dedicated to the sex. During a naughty evening, the young lovers thus discover their respective preferences, learn to adopt the same pace to achieve orgasm together, at the same time.

Celebrate good news by offering pleasure

Certain occasions deserve to be celebrated: birthday, promotion, move, pregnancy… To congratulate the other, offering him an orgasm at the end of the naughty evening can represent a gift as easy to implement as it is unforgettable.

Whatever the conditions in which it is organized, the naughty evening pursues a goal: lovers must be focused only on their own sexual pleasure and that of their partner, and try to increase it tenfold by changing usual practices. 

Planning your naughty evening

A naughty evening cannot be improvised, it is organized. It is not a question of satisfying an impulse, but of putting all the means in action to make of the moment a source of particularly intense sexual pleasure.

1st step: plan an opportune moment

Without going so far as to make an appointment, the lovers must plan a date for their evening of sex. A date when neither partner will be overwhelmed by work, a time when parents can babysit their children, a period when everyone is in optimal physical shape: the couple must be able to focus entirely on the naughty evening, without think about something else.

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2nd step: prepare yourself

Because a naughty evening is a special occasion, which the couple does not necessarily have the opportunity to reproduce over and over again, the man and the woman must show themselves in their best light. Impeccable hair removal, naughty underwear, perfume notes … now is the time to come out on top.

3rd step: set the scene

The naughty evening can take place at home, or not. Whatever the place, the moment must be able to last a certain time to prolong the physical enjoyment as much as possible. Romantic or not, the setting of the evening dedicated to sexual pleasures must be neat: candles, music, satin sheets or even sextoys, partners to orient the context with the accessories of their choice. 

3 ideas for a successful naughty evening

Naughty evening idea: the night at the hotel

To avoid having to deal with housekeeping and children and to make sure to get out of the routine, or to fulfill a fantasy, the hotel is a very good option. The +: call on room service for a few delicacies and aphrodisiac drinks.

Explore sexuality by exploring the home

Another idea of ​​a naughty evening, at home this time, strive to have sex – or at least a preliminary – by room of the house. A new way of seeing one’s home, and the assurance of lasting pleasure – unless you live in a studio.

Daring naughty idea: tied up sex

Without necessarily embarking on sadomasochism, a soft form of bondage can spice up a couple’s sexuality. By tying the hands of the other, by blindfolding him, the partner alone masters the sexual relationship and can make it last as long as desired. 

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