Cosc agus cóireáil leighis ar uveitis

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Cosc agus cóireáil leighis ar uveitis

Prevention of uveitis

Prevention can be achieved by taking into account the risk factors for uveitis. For example, it is important to know if one of his parents suffered from uveitis.

Medical treatments for uveitis

If the cause of uveitis is known, it should be treated first. Medical treatment is aimed at reducing the inflammation itself. For this, anti-inflammatory, such as corticosteroids, may be prescribed. These may be eye drops. In the case of chronic form, intraocular injections, that is to say injections directly into the eye, may be necessary. If uveitis is caused by infection, antaibheathaigh or antiviral drugs may be added to corticosteroids. If corticosteroids do not work, frithdhúlagráin is féidir a thairiscint.

Ar deireadh, an máinliacht may be necessary. It consists of removing the vitreous body, that is to say the “gelatinous” part of the eye. The operation can also make it possible to know the origin of the uveitis. A virus or bacteria can thus be discovered in a sample of the vitreous body.

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