Cosc ar tocsoplasmosis (tocsoplasma)

Cosc ar tocsoplasmosis (tocsoplasma)

Cén fáth a chosc?

Infection with toxoplasmosis can have serious consequences in people with weakened immune systems or in fetal development, in mná torracha.

Measures to prevent toxoplasmosis

As a precaution, pregnant women should:

  • Wear gloves when handling bruscar cat or gardening (the disease is transmitted by animal feces).
  • Nigh an torthaí, an glasraí agus luibheanna.
  • Seachain an feoil amh or undercooked.
  • Seachain meats deataithe or marinated, unless they are well cooked.

Ceart go leor Laver knives, boards or utensils in contact with raw meat. 


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