Self-Esteem Disorders – Signs of Poor Self-Esteem

Neamhoird Féin-mheas - Comharthaí Féin-mheas Bocht

A person who has low self-esteem will be able to:

  • constant internal reproach;
  • feeling incapable of accomplishing things (professional project, etc.);
  • feeling inferior to others;
  • depreciate without even realizing it;
  • having difficulty resolving problems;
  • Evaluate yourself based on your failures and criticism from other people.

A child who has low self-esteem will often develop behavioral problems, he may :

  • having trouble making friends;
  • be easily frustrated;
  • to feel guilty ;
  • to devalue oneself;
  • be impulsive;
  • develop excessive shyness;
  • having fits to get attention;
  • get sick before check-ups or exams.

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