The 5-year-old: what changes at this age?

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The 5-year-old: what changes at this age?

The 5-year-old: what changes at this age?

From the age of 5, your child integrates the rules and becomes more and more independent. His curiosity continues to grow as he understands the world around him better and better. Here are in detail the different evolutions of the child at 5 years old.

Child to 5 years old: full mobility

Physically, the 5-year-old is very active and makes the most of his abilities. He can jump rope, climb trees, dance to the rhythm, swing himself, etc. The coordination of the 5 year old child is very well integrated, even if it can happen that he still lacks skill: it is a question of personality.

Your child can now throw a ball with power, without being dragged by his own weight. If he is still struggling to catch up, don’t worry: it will be part of the progress of the next few months. On a daily basis, entering the fifth year marks a clear development in terms of autonomy. Your child wants to dress by himself, also to undress by himself. He tries to wash his face without getting water all over it. He sometimes refuses your help to get in the car because he thinks he can do it on his own. When it comes to fine motor skills, your child’s abilities also improve. The area where this is most visible is drawing: your little one holds his pencil or marker well and makes great efforts to apply to draw solid lines.

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Psychological development of the 5 year old child

5 years old is a peaceful age when your child disputes your period less and no longer blames you for all the bad things that happen to them. With maturity, he manages more easily to tolerate frustration, which saves him many nervousnesses. Calmer, he now understands the value of rules. If he is particularly uncompromising on some of them, it is not a question of zeal, but of a natural process of assimilation.

A link also emerges: if he adopts the rules, the child becomes more autonomous: he therefore needs you less. He also respects the instructions during games, which he couldn’t do before, or by constantly changing them. Relations between parents and child are pacified, parents become the child’s referent adults: he finds them extraordinary and constantly imitates them. It is therefore time, even more than usual, to set an irreproachable example.

Social development of the child at 5 years

The 5-year-old loves to play and he does it with all the more pleasure that it is now easier, since he respects the rules. He enjoys the company of other children very much. In games, he is cooperative, although jealousy is always part of his interactions with his little comrades. He gets angry less often. When he meets a child, with whom he would really like to become friends, the 5-year-old is able to demonstrate his social talents: he shares, he receives, he compliments and he gives. These exchanges with others are therefore the beginnings of a future social life.

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Forbairt intleachtúil an linbh 5 bliana d’aois

The 5-year-old still enjoys talking to adults just as much. His language is now “almost” as clear as an adult and his way of speaking is, in the vast majority of cases, quite grammatically correct. On the other hand, he is experiencing difficulties in the field of conjugation. He is no longer content to describe the landscape or actions. He is now able to explain how to solve a simple problem.

Your child now knows all the colors, he can name the shapes and sizes. He distinguishes left from right. He knows how to give an order of magnitude: “the heaviest object”, “greater than”, etc. He makes the difference, in language, between the different times of the day. He is not yet able to take his turn in a discussion and tends to cut off when he wants to speak. This social skill will come soon, but in the meantime, be sure to remind him of how a chat and talk-sharing works.

The 5-year-old needs less and less daily assistance. He loves to converse with adults and play with other children. His language is developing rapidly: on this subject, don’t forget to read him stories regularly to enrich his vocabulary and his imagination, this will also allow him to slowly prepare for entry into first grade.

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