Buntáistí an dóchais ar shláinte shíceolaíoch

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Buntáistí an dóchais ar shláinte shíceolaíoch

Buntáistí an dóchais ar shláinte shíceolaíoch

What is optimism?

Article written by Laure Deflandre, psychologist

“Optimism is a philosophical doctrine according to which the world is good and the good has more place in it than the bad”.

Optimism is not a “magic thought”, but rather a staid aigne which has multiple benefits for both physical health and sláinte mheabhrach.

Optimism is allowing yourself to consider a favorable turn of events and act in this direction; it has social, mental and health benefits. Being an optimist built on dea-chaidreamh with others and make them more pleasant everyday experiences.

Here are some of the benefits of an optimistic mindset:

  • Increase in life expectancy
  • Less depression
  • More physical resistance
  • Well-être mental
  • Allows you to better manage your stress
  • Natural ability to build stronger relationships
  • Helps to feel a better control of oneself and its choices / decisions
  • Helps maintain good self-esteem
  • Be more satisfied with your relationships and your life
  • More successes in all areas
  • To be naturally more serene and more confident
  • Be more active

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