Na buntáistí a bhaineann le aeróbaice uisce do mhná torracha

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Na buntáistí a bhaineann le aeróbaice uisce do mhná torracha

Aquagym is ideal for pregnant women. Prenatal aquagym brings together different aquatic activities that you can practice during the 3 trimesters of pregnancy. You can continue to play sports during pregnancy because water aerobics is a good alternative to running, aerobics, extreme sports and fighting.Always take advice from your gynecologist or midwife before resuming of a sport after childbirth.

Aquagym, an ideal sport for pregnant women

Aquagym has diversified a lot in recent years. Many more modern courses such as Zumba in the water, cycling in water “aquaspinning”, or even running in water “aquajogging” have emerged. These lessons are more fun, well animated, and can be practiced in complete safety. Ideal for pregnant women.

The more you benefit from the Archimedean push, your body is lighter and you are more comfortable to move. Not to mention that there is no impact on the joints.

Notify the aquagym teacher of your pregnancy, avoid shortness of breath, and rapid ascents of the knees which place too much strain on the rectus abdominis, the superficial muscles of the abdominals.

Na buntáistí a bhaineann le aeróbaice uisce do mhná torracha

You can start or continue aqua aerobics when you are pregnant. The advantage of prenatal aquagym are its multiple activities. You can switch from one to the other, and vary the pleasures if your pool or aquatic center offers several.

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What are the benefits of water aerobics during pregnancy?

  • relaxes with water and lymphatic drainage;
  • anti-stress;
  • anti-nausea;
  • feel lighter and move more easily;
  • relieves or prevents the feeling of heavy legs and edema;
  • anti cellulite;
  • maybe practice even in case of gestational diabetes;
  • no impact on bones and joints;
  • strengthens the cardiovascular, cardio-respiratory and muscular systems: all the muscles of the body are called upon;
  • keeps in shape;
  • prepares for an easier and faster childbirth;

Until when to do water aerobics?

From the start of your pregnancy, you can start an aqua aerobics training program that you can continue until childbirth, if your pregnancy is going well. Water aerobics is the perfect sport throughout pregnancy.

However, as the resistance of the water makes the exercises more difficult, listen to your body and respect the intensity recommended for pregnant women, or the teacher’s instructions.

In the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, if you feel “bloated”, heavy, swollen legs, with back pain or pelvic pain, water aerobics is right for you now. Even if during this last trimester you have more weight to move, and your curves create more resistance.

An example of a special aquagym session for pregnant women

Simple example of a prenatal aquagym session: aquaforme

These exercises are practiced in shallow water, with or without a life jacket or flotation belt, while standing with your shoulders level with the surface of the water. You can do sessions from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on your form.

Walking in water or aquafitness

Do the following exercises in order in shallower water where your feet are, if you are uncomfortable with a flotation device.

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  1. Walk forward, swinging your arms naturally (5 min);
  2. Walk sideways for (5min): go back and forth without looking back;
  3. Chewing backwards (5 min);
  4. Do a go by walking forward, then a return by walking backward, (5 min);
  5. Relax in the water;

You can increase or decrease the time of each exercise. You can take 5-10 seconds of rest between each exercise, depending on your physical condition.

Remember to hydrate yourself well.


Water aerobics after childbirth

Aquagym can be resumed 4 weeks after childbirth. Before, the cervix is ​​not yet properly closed and there is a risk of infection, especially in public swimming pools. In addition, from 4 weeks, you can resume muscle strengthening exercises provided you have re-educated the perineum, and transverse (deep muscles of the pelvis and abdominals).

In the event of a cesarean section, make sure the gap in the rectus abdominis (superficial abdominal muscles: the chocolate bar) is healed, in order to avoid hernias. Make sure to work below the pain threshold if there is no rectus diastasis (gap in the middle of the rectus muscle on the white line). Stop exercising if you experience scar pain.

Aquagym is the pregnant sport that you can practice throughout your pregnancy after consulting your gynecologist or midwife.


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