Trisomy 21 – Our doctor’s opinion

Trisomy 21 – Our doctor’s opinion

Mar chuid dá chur chuige cáilíochta, tugann Passeportsanté.net cuireadh duit tuairim ghairmí sláinte a fháil amach. Tugann an Dr Jacques Allard, liachleachtóir ginearálta, a thuairim duit ar an Trisomy 21 :


Everyone is familiar with this disease and it is a subject that nevertheless seems complex and delicate to me in many ways. Living with a child with Down’s syndrome is not always a choice. The early detection and diagnostic measures that we have described sometimes help to clarify this choice. If you decide to go ahead with the pregnancy, it is certainly better to prepare in advance for what is involved in taking care of the child, so that you can enjoy yourself and pass on a life as fulfilling as possible.

Many people with Down’s syndrome live full and happy lives. However, they need daily help in most cases. There is no specific treatment for Down syndrome, but the research we have described nonetheless gives hope for intellectual disability.

The person with Down’s syndrome absolutely requires regular monitoring to treat the complications of the disease. I recommend regular visits to a pediatrician who can call on many other medical specialists, as well as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and other professionals.

Finally, I strongly advise parents to get help and support from companies and associations dedicated to this disease.

Dr Jacques Allard  M.D. FCMFC



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