What are the medical treatments for torticollis?

What are the medical treatments for torticollis?

Massages, heat (bath or compress) or síneadh can, by relaxing the muscles of the neck, reduce pain and make stiff necks disappear. But the most effective is time! In general, within a few days, stiff neck, with rest, disappears. An analgesic such as paracetamol, can allow patients to be patient with less pain.

In some cases, the doctor may advise wearing a foam cervical collar. This solution should only be temporary since prolonged use of a neck brace weakens the muscles of the neck. He can also prescribe for a few days a relaxant muscle which allows a relaxation of the muscles and therefore a reduction in tension and pain.

Osteopathy also often helps relieve stiff necks.

The general practitioner can also refer togairmithe eile health care provider such as a physiotherapist or chiropractor.

In the case of torticollis in infants, the treatment involves stretching the muscles of the neck.

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