Cardiac disorders (cardiovascular diseases) – Our doctor’s opinion

Neamhoird chairdiacha (galair cardashoithíoch) - Tuairim ár ndochtúra

Mar chuid dá chur chuige cáilíochta, tugann Passeportsanté.net cuireadh duit tuairim ghairmí sláinte a fháil amach. Tugann an Dr Dominic Larose, lia éigeandála, a thuairim duit ar an trioblóidí croí :

Má bhraitheann tú a severe pain in the chest, which irradiates or not in the arms or the jaw, with or without shortness of breath, it is imperative and immediately to dial the 911. In fact, the paramedics can stabilize you on site and bring you safely to the nearest hospital emergency department. No question of driving your car or having a loved one drive you. Every year, lives are saved with emergency prehospital care and rapid defibrillation.

On the other hand, it should also be understood that disease prevention is a bit like a game of chance. You can have all the risk factors and not get sick, and have none and get sick too! For this reason, some think that prevention is not worth the effort. But let’s say I give you a deck of cards. First choice: if you get a heart, you get sick. One in four possibilities. Second choice: thanks to prevention, you only get sick if you get a 2 or 3 of hearts. One in 26. Do you prefer my second guess? The risk is not the same, is it? So, isn’t it better, in this disease lottery, to put the most chances on our side?

Very often, patients ask me what is the point of making all these efforts, since we will die anyway… Dying at 85 while we have lived in good health, isn’t it better than dying at the same age? , after being disabled for 10 years?

The conclusion is clear: apply the known preventive measures, and in case of illness, do not hesitate to consult quickly and use 911 as soon as necessary.


Dr Dominic Larose, MD

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