blianta 40

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blianta 40

Labhraíonn siad faoi 40 bliain…

« No one is young after forty, but you can be irresistible at any age. » Coco Chanel.

« Forty is a terrible age. Because this is the age when we become what we are. » Charles Peguy.

«It was the year I turned XNUMX that I went completely crazy. Previously, like everyone else, I pretended to be normal. » Frederic Beigbeder.

«After forty years, a man is responsible for his face. » Leonardo DeVinci

« There is an age for telling yourself without too many lies: your forties. Before we embellish After we ramble. " Jean-Claude Andro

« Forty years is the old age of youth, but fifty years is the youth of old age. ” Victor Hugo

Cad a fhaigheann tú bás ag 40?

The main causes of death at the age of 40 are unintentional injuries (car accidents, falls, etc.) at 20%, followed by cancer at 18%, then cardiovascular disease, cancer, heart attacks and liver pathologies.

Ag 40, tá thart ar 38 mbliana fágtha le maireachtáil d’fhir agus 45 bliana do mhná. Is é an dóchúlacht go bhfaighidh tú bás ag aois 40 ná 0,13% do mhná agus 0,21% d’fhir.

Gnéas ag 40

It is from the age of 40 that the sexual differences are minimal between men and women. On both sides, there is often a balance between sensuality agus an genitality. For many in their forties, it is a moment ofapogee sexual.

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On the other hand, new dangers lie in wait for those who have not found this balance. For example, sexually dissatisfied men will see the ” noon demon »And will want to finally live their adolescence … Some women who have not succeeded in developing sexually may, on the contrary, be completely disillusioned through sexuality.

On the other hand, quarantine brings with it a multitude of changes, especially on the physical level. In both men and women, the libido may decrease. Moreover, the tógálacha may be less spontaneous, less firm and less durable. Ejaculations and orgasms may be less powerful: the number of orgasmic contractions may decrease.

The great danger is to consider all these changes, however normal, as sexual dysfunctions. Negative thoughts and second thoughts concerning his virility, his beauty or his power of seduction can then create a psychological and emotional state very díobhálach. Ignoring that these changes are normal, and the ensuing panic, is believed to be the main cause of impotence or loss of desire problems in people over 40.

Yet the ability to craic is in no way reduced, the bond can still grow and it is always possible to explore new criosanna erogenous.


Gínéiceolaíocht ag 40

From the age of 40, a mammogram should be performed every 2 years or every year if there are cases of ailse chíche in the family.

The reasons for consultation related to athruithe hormónacha and resulting in fatigue, tension in the breasts and irregular cycles are common.

This age often means a éagothroime hormónach and often gives rise to a change of contraceptive.

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The remarkable points of the quarantine

Ag 40, bheadh ​​againn timpeall cúig chara dhéag gur féidir leat brath i ndáiríre. Ó aois 70, titeann sé seo go 10, agus titeann sé go 5 ar deireadh tar éis 80 bliain.

Smokers aged 40 and over are advised to undergo spirometry tests to assess lung capacity and detect chronic lung disease (asthma, COPD) at the start of training. These tests are performed in a clinic or hospital. Check with your doctor.

People over 40 must come to terms with regret: after this age, it is usually no longer possible to read comfortably without correction. We call this presbyopia. Everyone is destined to experience this discomfort one day, because presbyopia is not a disease: it is a normal aging of the eye and its components. The first symptoms of presbyopia are often felt around the age of 40, when reading in insufficient light. Subsequently, the sensation of visual discomfort up close and the need to “force” reading are characteristic. The presbyopic often tends to move his book or journal away, and this is arguably the most telling symptom. Thus, at 45 years of age, one is generally unable to see clearly within 30 cm, and this distance increases to one meter by the age of 60. 


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