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blianta 50

Labhraíonn siad faoi 50 bliain…

« It’s funny, life. When you are a kid, time does not stop dragging, and then overnight, you are like that 50 years old. " Jean-Pierre Jeunet

« At fifty, one oscillates between being well preserved and being beautiful. You might as well cling to being elegant. » Odile Dormeuil

« Fifty years, the age in which many dreams live, an age which is still, if not the prime of life, the age of flowers. » J-Donat Dufour

« Mature age is the most beautiful of all. We are old enough to recognize our mistakes and still young enough to make others. » Maurice Chevalier

« When I was young, I was told: “You will see when you are fifty”. I’m fifty years old, and I haven’t seen a thing. » Erik satie

« At fifty-two, it is only happiness and good humor in general that can make a man attractive. ” Jean Dutourd

Cad a fhaigheann tú bás ag 50?

The main causes of death at the age of 50 are cancers at 28%, followed by heart disease at 19%, unintentional injuries (car accidents, falls, etc.) at 10%, heart attacks, chronic respiratory infections, diabetes and liver pathologies.

Ag 50, tá thart ar 28 mbliana fágtha le maireachtáil d’fhir agus 35 bliana do mhná. Is é an dóchúlacht go bhfaighidh tú bás ag aois 50 ná 0,32% do mhná agus 0,52% d’fhir.

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Tá 92,8% d’fhir a rugadh sa bhliain chéanna fós beo ag an aois seo agus 95,8% de mhná.

Gnéas ag 50

From the age of 50, there is a gradual decline in the importance of sexe in life. Biologically, however, older people can continue their sexual activities, but generally do so with less time. minicíocht. " Taispeánann staidéir gur daoine 50 go 70 bliain d’aois a leanann orthu luigh le chéile nó chun masturbate maireachtáil go rialta níos sine, níos sláintiúla agus níos sona! », Áitíonn Yvon Dallaire. D’fhéadfaí é seo a mhíniú go fiseolaíoch, ach go síceolaíoch freisin toisc go mbíonn pléisiúr ag an gcomhlacht i gcónaí.

In fact, in their fifties, many women at the dawn of sos míostraithe, and seeing their bodies wither, feel less inmhianaithe. Ag an am céanna, libido of men and their genital performance can be greatly reduced. Some women may think that it may be because they are less beautiful and attractive. They can, however, continue to be sexually active and thus maintain gnéasacht of the couple. The woman must, for example, realize that from now on she must contribute more to stimulate erection of his partner who no longer occurs “automatically” as at 20 years old. In addition, when one experiences a long period of sexual abstinence, it is more difficult, both physically and mentally, to return to an active sex life.

For the man, before turning to the medication, it is better to tame the idea that his erections are now longer to obtain, that he needs more spreagadh, and that he no longer has to reach orgasm every time. Accepting this minimizes the anxiety that is at the root of most psychological erectile difficulties. And the craic can return to the appointment.

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Gínéiceolaíocht ag 50

The age of menopause is coming and many women still believe that gynecological follow-up is no longer necessary once menopausal. However, it is from the age of 50 that the risk of cancer increases significantly, hence the establishment of free screening campaigns. ailse chíche from that age. Particular surveillance is also required to detect possible cancer of the cervix.


Chomh maith leis an scrúdú gínéiceolaíoch, is gá go n-áiríonn sé palpation na breasts. De bharr an scrúdaithe seo, a éilíonn modh nó turgnamh, is féidir solúbthacht an fhíocháin, an fhaire mhamaigh a sheiceáil agus aon neamhghnáchaíochtaí a bhrath. Go ginearálta, ba cheart go gcuimseodh faireachas gínéiceolaíoch a mamagrafaíocht scagadh gach dhá bhliain idir 50 agus 74 bliana.

The remarkable points of the fifties

Ag 50, bheadh ​​againn timpeall cúig chara dhéag gur féidir leat brath i ndáiríre. Ó aois 70, titeann sé seo go 10, agus titeann sé go 5 ar deireadh tar éis 80 bliain.

After the age of 50, it is imperative to undergo a screening test ailse drólainne. If 60% of people aged 50 to 74 had such a test every 2 years, it is estimated that the number of deaths from colorectal cancer could be reduced by 15% to 18%.


In France, women gain an average of 7,5 kg between the ages of 20 and 50. From the age of 50, this tends to stabilize until the age of 65, when the weight decreases.

Daoine scothaosta na blianta 50 tuairisc, leibhéil lowest life satisfaction. The men in this group are even less satisfied than the women. This age group also has a higher level of anxiety. One possible reason, the researchers said, is that people in this age group nowadays often have to take care of both their children and their aging parents. In addition, the difficulty of finding a balance between work and family life, with the fatigue that accumulates, could also be an explanatory factor. Patience, it is between the ages of 60 and 65 that men and women say they are the happiest in their life!

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At 50 years old, half of men have pronounced baldness. Women are less likely to suffer from it, even if they are still nearly 40% to know it at the age of 70 years: the whole of the hair of the top of the head then becomes more and more sparse.


It is from the age of 50 that the hair turns gray more quickly. It seems that the phenomenon starts earlier in people with dark hair, but the hair turns completely gray more quickly in people with light hair.

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