6 chomhairle chun pian droma a chosc ó bheith ainsealach

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6 chomhairle chun pian droma a chosc ó bheith ainsealach

6 chomhairle chun pian droma a chosc ó bheith ainsealach
Low back pain, lumbago, sciatica… Back pain is numerous and affects many people. How to prevent them from becoming chronic?

In France, 1 in 5 people suffer from chronic back pain according to the Health Insurance. The causes are multiple and can have two origins: one “mechanical” (herniated disc, compression of the vertebrae, low back pain and malformations), the other “inflammatory”.

If in 90% of cases, back pain heals in less than 4 to 6 weeks, it is better to take certain precautions before the back pain sets in for a longer period of time and becomes chronic.

1. Move to build muscle

First reflex: move. Contrary to what one might think, practicing regular physical activity avoids back pain since it strengthens the muscle.. " The right treatment is movement »Provides health insurance.

However, be sure to practice the good sport and do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice. Certain sports are indeed more recommended than others.

It is also advisable to practice an activity such as yoga or relaxation. It allows you to relax the back. Flexibility and stretching prevent too much strain on the lumbar muscles located in the spine.

Remember, too, that stress can cause back pain – another reason to relax.

2. Adopt a good position

If you’ve been sitting in front of a computer all day, beware: your back is likely to hurt if you are in the wrong position.

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So be sure to stay straight, without bending your legs and elevate your feet with a step board if necessary. The seat should not be neglected and it will be necessary to ensure to have an adapted chair.

To keep yourself in a good position, know thatthere are smart clothes that protect your back.

3. Na bróga cearta a roghnú

Although walking is good for your health,standing can cause severe back pain especially if you wear ballet flats or pumps.

When you need to buy yourself a new pair of shoes, choose them neither flat nor too high with a small heel.

4. Good bedding 

Some people suffer from back pain at home but not when they sleep elsewhere. This can mean that the mattress is bad and that the bedding needs to be changed. We say thatit must be changed every 10 years.

Same advice for your pillow. Ideally, choose a memory foam pillow. Otherwise, get a firm pillow if you sleep on your back and soft if you sleep on your side.


5. Good gestures

Some movements are extremely bad for the back. In order to avoid any risk of chronic pain, take good habits.

When you need to pick up an object for example, do not lean forward but bend your knees.

Be careful also when you have to carry a heavy load: lift it gradually and especially avoid the movement of turning your back. If needed, wear a lumbar belt.


Ná déan dearmad ar sin you can also pull or push loads rather than lifting them in order to maintain the alignment of the vertebrae.

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6. Watch your weight

Sometimes, to avoid suffering from chronic back pain, you just have to go on a diet.

Cínte, belly fat pulls on the back, wearing down the intervertebral disc and worsening ligament pain.


If you are suffering from obesity, consider losing weight, this is a good way to avoid chronic back pain.

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