Musculoskeletal Neck Disorders – Our Doctor’s Opinion

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Neamhoird Muineál Mhatánchnámharlaigh - Tuairim ár nDochtúra

Mar chuid dá chur chuige cáilíochta, tugann Passeportsanté.net cuireadh duit tuairim ghairmí sláinte a fháil amach. Tugann an Dr Dominic Larose, lia éigeandála, a thuairim duit ar an neamhoird mhatánchnámharlaigh an mhuineál :

Early in my career, people who had had a whiplash were often prescribed immobilization with a neck collar. We now know that this measure is not only ineffective, but harmful.

You can rest for a few days, but as quickly as possible you have to resume normal activities. If you wait until you have no more pain before resuming activities, there is a very high risk of progression to chronicity.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are too often used and prescribed for trauma. They are reserved for patients with inflammatory arthritis. 


Dominic Larose, M.D CMFC(MU) FACEP.

Musculoskeletal Neck Disorders – Our Doctor’s Opinion: Understand Everything in 2 Min

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