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It is rare in the West to consider sexual excess as a cause of illness. However, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), sexual life and reproduction can lead to severe loss of prenatal essence. This Essence is the precious substance inherited from our parents which is the basis of our growth and reproduction and whose exhaustion means death (see Heredity). Preserved in the Kidneys, it combines with the Essences acquired to form the Essences of reproduction, themselves responsible for the production of sperm and eggs. In addition, the Prenatal Essence has a special link with the eight Curious Meridians (see Meridians) which play a decisive role during pregnancy. It is therefore essential to keep the prenatal Essence in good condition as long as possible since it cannot be renewed, it preserves the strength of our constitution and our vitality, and ensures good fertility.

Sexual excesses

When TCM speaks of sexual excess, it refers to a squandering of the prenatal Essence, either by ejaculation in men, or by multiple pregnancies in women. However, during sexual activities, if the orgasm is “inward” oriented (without ejaculation for the man), there will be no harmful consequences for the prenatal Essence or for the health. The Chinese have also developed several sexual practices, deemed very stimulating and satisfying, but which do not waste prenatal Essence (see References).

It is impossible to determine a “normal” level of sexual activity since it depends on the constitution (see Inheritance) and the health condition of each individual. A person of strong constitution and in good health can afford to have sex more often, while another in less good health will have to decrease the frequency of his sexual acts in order to preserve as much as possible his Prenatal Essence and his Kidneys. .

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The man is more directly targeted than the woman by the excess of sexual activity, because when he ejaculates, he loses his prenatal Essence, the sperm being in a way the external manifestation. In addition, Reproductive Essences are normally replenished after intercourse, but this takes some time. If the man ejaculates too often, without leaving time for his Kidneys to reconstitute the lost Essence, he risks suffering from pathologies related to the Kidneys or to the Void of Essence. Generally speaking, it becomes clear that there is sexual excess when a person experiences severe fatigue, dizziness, back pain or headache after sex.

The woman is less affected by repeated orgasms because she does not lose fluid as such during orgasm. It therefore recovers the lost Reproductive Essence more quickly. On the other hand, close pregnancies can harm his Essences and his Kidneys; indeed, each pregnancy is very demanding for the Essences, which need sufficient time to renew themselves.


The libido is also linked to the organic sphere of the Kidneys, in particular to the Yang aspect of the Kidneys, determined by the force of the MingMen Fire, where the original Qi takes shape. Normal sex drive reflects a strong Kidney Qi. But if a person is suffering from Kidney Yang Void, they may experience low libido, inability to enjoy sex, or inability to have an orgasm. There is a strong connection between Sexual Energy and the True Energy (ZhenQi) of the body, with fatigue directly affecting libido as well as the ability to feel aroused and reach orgasm. If a person suffers instead from a Kidney Yin Void, the repercussions will be of the order of an exacerbation of his sex life: excessive sexual urges with inability to satisfy them, erotic dreams with ejaculation or orgasm, etc. This exaggeration of sexual activity will tend to cause unnecessary loss of prenatal essence.

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