Unconventional treatments for hepatitis A

Clár ábhair

Unconventional treatments for hepatitis A

The holistic approach joins the strictly medical approach with regard to rest, water consumption and diet. It also suggests combating the hepatotoxic effect of certain substances (drugs, industrial pollutants) and negative emotions. In addition, there are some additional measures that can be helpful in relieving a sore liver, helping it get through this difficult time and speeding up recovery, especially when it comes to people who already have liver disease or that are not very healthy, or if there are complications or the disease is prolonged.

See the Hepatitis sheet (overview) for the details of each of the solutions proposed below.


Several Western and Chinese herbs can be helpful in acute viral hepatitis. For hepatitis A, we could try the following two plants in particular.

Yin chen ou hair mugwort (Artemisia capillaris). It would be effective for acute hepatitis and jaundice.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). This very common plant has already been the subject of research in the case of hepatitis and jaundice.

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