Cén spórt chun do phian comhpháirteach a mhaolú?

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Cén spórt chun do phian comhpháirteach a mhaolú?

Cén spórt chun do phian comhpháirteach a mhaolú?
There is no age at all to feel joint pain. Children, adolescents, seniors… No one is spared. If necessary, it is essential to adopt an adapted sporting behavior. We tell you everything.

Suffering from joint pain does not mean that you have to stop all sporting activity. Certain sports remain adapted to your physical condition and can even promote remission. Remember to consult a doctor before you start. 

Practice moderate physical activity

Whether you suffer from traumatic, inflammatory or infectious joint pain, doing moderate physical activity is beneficial for your health. It is nevertheless recommended toavoid sports that injure the joints, such as running, cycling and racket games. Choose a sport that uses as little as possible the joint that causes you pain. If it is the knee for example, it is better to stop practicing climbing, boxing, rugby, paragliding or parachuting. On the other hand, walking and golf remain adapted activities. In order to choose a sporting activity that suits you without aggravating your joint pain, listen to your body. Don’t push it unnecessarily. You could weaken your joints a little more.

Opt for swimming and yoga

Swimming is the ideal sport if you suffer from joint pain. The absence of gravity in water relieves your joints of the weight of your body. Swimming also strengthens the whole body, especially the back. Exit flexions or inflections painful because of your joints. In the pools, you can exercise serenely without suffering. If you don’t like humidity or don’t like it, yoga is also a sport suitable for weakened joints. This sporting activity gently relaxes and builds muscles, without straining your joints more than necessary. Furthermore, don’t forget to warm up and stretch before and after each workout. While this recommendation applies to all athletes, it should not be overlooked if you suffer from joint pain.

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Do not act before medical advice

Do not start a new sporting activity before consulting your doctor. Joint pain can be aggravated by too much physical effort. If in doubt or in severe pain during a session, stop immediately.

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