Fachtóirí riosca agus meall inchinn (ailse inchinne) a chosc

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Fachtóirí riosca agus meall inchinn (ailse inchinne) a chosc

Fachtóirí riosca

Although the causes of siadaí inchinne are still poorly understood, certain factors seem to increase the risks.

  • Eitneachas. Brain tumors occur more often in individuals of Caucasian origin, except in the case of meningiomas (a generally benign tumor involving the meninges, in other words the membranes covering the brain), more common in individuals of African origin.
  • Aois. Although brain tumors can occur at any age, the risks increase as you get older. The majority of tumors are diagnosed in people over the age of 45. However, some types of tumors, such as medulloblastomas, occur almost exclusively in children.
  • Exposure to radiation therapy. Individuals who have been treated with ionizing radiation are at greater risk.
  • Nochtadh do cheimiceáin. Although more research is still needed to confirm this hypothesis, some ongoing studies indicate that sustained exposure to certain chemicals, such as pesticides, for example, could increase the risk of brain tumors.
  • Stair an teaghlaigh. If the existence of a case of cancer in the immediate family constitutes a risk factor for a brain tumor, the latter remains moderate.


Since we do not know the precise cause of the primary brain tumors, there are no measures to prevent its onset. On the other hand, it is possible to prevent the appearance of other primary cancers causing brain metastases by reducing the consumption of red meat, weight loss, a sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables, the practice of regular physical activity (prevention of colon cancer), skin protection in the event of exposure to solar radiation (skin cancer), smoking cessation (lung cancer) etc …

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Risk factors and prevention of a brain tumor (brain cancer): understand everything in 2 min

Using the earpieces consistently when using mobile phones reduces the amount of waves directed to the brain and is beneficial in preventing certain types of tumors.

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