Self-esteem disorders – Self-esteem therapies

Neamhoird féinmheasa - Teiripí féinmheasa

Any problem with your self-esteem should be reported to a healthcare professional. Psychiatrists, psychologists and some social workers are trained to support self-esteem disorders.

An tcognitive-comportementales hérapies are widely used to support people who suffer from a disorder of self-esteem. Help practical exercises and role plays, the therapist will help the person to know themselves better, to accept their strengths and weaknesses and to assert themselves by better supporting situations of failure. A work on the negative thoughts and emotions that the subject has towards him will be the basis of this therapy.

La síocanailís can also be of great help in promoting self-esteem. Guided by a therapist in the analytical treatment, the person will have access to a better knowledge of himself. It will be able to face its blockages differently and more easily question its mode of operation.

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