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An modh iomlánaíoch, an rud atá riachtanach le dul in aois go maith

An modh iomlánaíoch, an rud atá riachtanach le dul in aois go maith
To fight against aging, the holistic method offers you to apprehend it according to a global approach in which the body mixes with the mind.

Fighting aging is not just about conscientiously applying an anti-wrinkle cream, or even playing sports on a daily basis. More and more experts have demonstrated that to fight the ravages of time, we must favor a holistic approach. The physical merges with the spiritual, the mental and the social. This is called a holistic approach to aging.

Food, the secret to aging well?

A big part of the health of your body and organism is what you eat. Aging well, according to the holistic method, is accompanied by a diet focused on the benefits it provides you.

Sprioc: fight against anything that interferes with the proper functioning of your cells, especially free radicals. Against the latter, nothing like a diet rich in antioxidants, which will complement a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables as well as legumes, the benefits of which are increasingly recommended.

A physical activity in which body and mind mingle

Sport is the key to good health throughout life. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends doing at least 150 minutes of moderate sports activity or 75 minutes of intense sports activity every week.

Age does not matter and this activity will keep you in shape and delay the onset of the first signs of aging.. Choose your activity according to your physical state and what you are looking for, and get started!

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Meditate to refocus on yourself

In a holistic approach to aging, physical activity is closely linked to mental and spiritual activity. Meditation then integrates this process and practices such as yoga, Pilatus or walking are particularly recommended for the overall fight against aging.

A cure to approach the principles of the holistic method

Aging better will not go away without a wellness treatment. Massages, thalassotherapy are the secret of absolute relaxation, that which stops time.

Many institutes are now interested in the holistic method and offer you short cures that will allow you to get started. and will give you the keys to independently follow the main rules of this approach.

In France, cures, on the island of Oléron, near La Rochelle or in Ramatuelle, near Saint-Tropez, offer holistic anti-aging methods. You will be received there by various professionals: osteopaths, yoga teachers, nutritionists, who will establish your complete assessment before offering you a personalized treatment program and activities that you can then reproduce at home.

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