12ú seachtain an toirchis (14 seachtaine)

Clár ábhair

12ú seachtain an toirchis (14 seachtaine)

12 seachtaine ag iompar clainne: cá bhfuil an leanbh?

Tá sé anseo 12ú seachtain an toirchis : An 14 weeks fetus size is é 10 cm agus a meáchan 45 g. 

All the organs are in place and continuing their functional development. The face continues to refine and some hairs are growing on the scalp.

If it’s a girl, the ovaries begin to descend into the abdomen. If it’s a boy, the penis is now visible. In theory it is therefore possible to identify the sex of the baby at the14 weeks ultrasound, he still has to be in the right position. This is why, to avoid any errors, most doctors prefer to wait for the second ultrasound in order to reveal the sex of the baby.

Thanks to the maturation of the brain and the connections that are organized between the nerves of the body and the neurons, the 12 week fetus begins to be able to perform coordinated movements. He folds his hand, opens his mouth and closes it.

The liver continues to manufacture blood cells, but it is now helped in its task by the bone marrow which, at birth and throughout life, will fully ensure this mission.

À 14 seachtaine de amenorrhea (12 SG), the baby’s appendages are functional. With a length of 30 to 90 cm at term, the umbilical cord is made up of a vein that brings oxygen and nutrients to the baby, and two arteries through which waste is evacuated. A real platform for fetal-maternal exchanges, the placenta is responsible for filtering all the nutrients provided by the mother-to-be’s diet in order to provide the baby with what he needs for his growth. And especially, in this period of ossification of the skeleton, a lot of calcium.


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Cá bhfuil corp na máthar ag 12 seachtaine ag iompar clainne?

The nausea of ​​pregnancy has almost completely disappeared. However, they sometimes persist beyond the 1st trimester, but they are not considered pathological until after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Fatigue may still be present, but it should subside by the start of the 2nd trimester.

Sa 3ú mí an toirchis, the belly continues to grow, the chest to grow heavier. The scale already shows 1 or 2 additional kilos. If it is more, nothing alarming at this stage, but beware of too much weight gain which could harm the baby, the good progress of the pregnancy and childbirth.

Hormonal changes and increased blood flow to the 12ú seachtain an toirchis (14 seachtaine), cause a few small changes at the intimate level: congestion of the vulva, more abundant leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge), a modified and therefore more fragile vaginal flora. In the presence of suspicious vaginal discharge (in terms of color and / or odor), it is advisable to consult to treat a possible vaginal infection as quickly as possible.


Cé na bianna is fearr leo ag 12 seachtaine an toirchis (14 seachtaine)?

2 mí ag iompar clainne, calcium is essential for the formation of the skeleton and the teeth of the baby. To ensure a sufficient intake without risking decalcification on her side, the mother-to-be must have a daily calcium intake of 1200 mg to 1500 mg. Calcium is of course found in dairy foods (milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese) but also in other foods: cruciferous vegetables, calcium mineral water, canned sardines, white beans.

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À 14 seachtaine de amenorrhea (12 SG), therefore, pregnant women are advised to eat cheeses, but not just any cheeses. Cheeses must be pasteurized to avoid the risk of contamination with listeriosis or toxoplasmosis. Pasteurization of milk involves heating it to at least 72 ° for a short time. This greatly limits the development of the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes (responsible for listeriosis). Even if the risk of contracting it is low, the possible serious consequences for the fetus should not be overlooked. Regarding toxoplasmosis, it is a disease caused by a parasite: Toxoplasma gondii. It can be present in unpasteurized foods. It is most commonly found in cat feces. It is for this reason that fruits and vegetables should not be soiled with soil and should be washed thoroughly. Toxoplasmosis can also be transmitted by ingesting undercooked meats, especially pork and lamb. By contracting toxoplasmosis, the mother-to-be can transmit it to the fetus, which would cause dangerous abnormalities and dysfunction in the latter. Some pregnant women are immune to toxoplasmosis. They know this from a blood test at the start of pregnancy. 


Rudaí le cuimhneamh ag 14: XNUMX PM

  • make an appointment for the 4th month consultation, the second of the 7 compulsory prenatal visits;
  • if the couple is not married, make the early recognition of the baby at the town hall. This formality, which can be done throughout the pregnancy in any town hall, makes it possible to establish the parentage of the father before birth. On presentation of an identity document, the act of recognition is drawn up immediately by the registrar and signed by the parent concerned or by both in the event of joint recognition;
  • if it has not yet been done, send the birth declaration before the end of the 3rd month;
  • update their Vitale card;
  • make a first point on the mode of care envisaged for his baby;
  • if the couple wishes to practice haptonomy, inquire about the lessons. This method of preparation for childbirth, based on touch and actively involving the father, can indeed begin at the beginning of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.
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During pregnancy, it is quite possible to continue a normal sex life, unless there is a medical contraindication. However, the desire may be less present, especially at this end of 1ú ráithe trying. The main thing is to maintain the dialogue within the couple and to find common ground. In the presence of pain or bleeding after intercourse, it is advisable to consult.


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